As we were stuck in traffic going to Tahoe on Friday, my friends and I watched an Amtrak train cruise on by. I commented that we could probably be sipping champagne and enjoying the ride instead of baking in our car, stuck in Sacramento traffic. Even if it did cost $80, it’d still get us to Tahoe super quick, and we wouldn’t have to worry about traffic.

Boy was I wrong. Apparently Amtrak takes somewhere north of 7 hours to get to Tahoe from San Francisco. It’s almost funny how slow and inefficient taking a train to Tahoe would be. Even in bad traffic, you can drive to Tahoe in 6 hours.

What we need are trains that run directly to Tahoe from San Francisco for skiers. I’m willing to bet people would be willing to pay for a quick train ride, let’s say 2 hours, to Tahoe from SF. Maybe the train can make a quick stop in Sacramento, too.

All I’m saying is that something like this would be awesome, and it doesn’t seem totally unfeasible.