The internet makes it so easy to consume quality content. From well-written and insightful articles and blog posts to excellent photographs to interesting coding project, there’s a bulk of easily accessible, quality content. This accessibility has allowed me to consume enormous amounts of good content. Sites like Hacker News aggregate content that is addictively interesting to me, and my friends (and Pages that I like) will post links to amusing and intriguing content, too.

Each time I consume good content, I want to produce good content of mine own. However, the immediate availability of more good content distracts me, and I continue to consume. Sometimes, I even reconsume the same content. Sites like YouTube allow consumption to be incredibly passive (watching a video versus reading an article) which greatly increases my likelihood to reconsume.

Now, however, I’ve reached a point where I have an incredible amount of pent up desire to produce content. Starting today, I’m going to try to produce as much good content as I consume. Consuming content on Facebook and Twitter is essentially involuntary every time I visit them, but if I can create 1 excellent photograph, 1 well-written or interesting blog posts, or 1 useful code project for each photograph, article, or project that I consume, I’ll feel satisfied.

This will no doubt drastically decrease the amount of content I consume, and I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I want to include Tumblr in the category of content that will limit my consumption. However, I’m really curious to see what the effects of this will be, so I’m going to try it for it month and go from there.

I have a few coding projects in mind that I want to get started on and 2 ideas for blog posts, so I won’t be totally depriving myself of content initially (I also did just write this post). But for today, I need to set some rules as to which type of content I should limit myself to and what counts as consumption (reading a headline vs. an entire article).

I have a feeling that this experiment will lead to some interesting results.